Finally, an alternative debit card for Paypal (BPI E-Prepaid Mastercard)

I recently applied for another debit card to be linked to my Paypal since I was so irked and inconvenienced with UnionBank (based on my previous post).  It was a good thing that BPI had recently offered a new prepaid debit card called E-Prepaid Mastercard which can be used for online shopping and Paypal.

  • Minimum age to apply is 10 yrs old
  • Initial cost was P500 for the annual fee for 2 years of the card's validity compared with UnionBank's annual fee of P350.  It costs P600 for those outside GMMA.

  • Daily limit is P10,000 compared to Eon which is P20,000; so I guess for small online purchases like Android apps, coupons, vouchers, airline tickets, hotel bookings, etc. it's ok.  For more expensive purchases, a credit card is still the way to go but you have to be vigilant with the charges so you can monitor if there's unauthorized usage that you can dispute with the company.

  • You can deposit/fund the card using BPI ATMs, cash acceptance machines, and thru BPI ExpressOnline.

  • Another downside, you can't withdraw Paypal payments to your BPI E-prepaid card and it cannot be used like an ATM unlike the Eon.
Please refer to BPI's FAQ for the Eprepaid Mastercard

How to Apply for the BPI E-Prepaid Card:

1.  I applied online thru BPI's website.
Choose "Prepaid Cards" in the dropdown menu then read the agreement form that follows.

2.  Fill up the details in the registration form  and nominate a branch nearest you where you will pickup the card.

3.  Go to your nominated branch to pickup the card.  Allow 2-3 business days before picking up the card.  Might also be a good idea to call the branch first to ask if your card is already available.   

I went to my nominated branch to pickup the card after a week, showed a valid ID then paid the card fee of P500.  The BPI employee told me that they require a P500 initial deposit ( not stated on the website) so I also made a deposit, considering that I'm going to require some funds to verify the card with Paypal. 

You might want to load some funds initially while you're there so that the card can be enrolled into your Expressonline account or to have it activated.  You'll also need to sign a card enrollment/agreement form to link your card with your EOL account (if you have one).

4.  To link it with Paypal, log in to your account (or register if you don't have one yet) at the Paypal website.    Click on "Profile" then "Add/Edit Credit Card."  Enter your card's details.  Make sure that your E-prepaid card already shows up on your Expressonline account and that you have a minimum of P150 before verifying it with Paypal or you'll get an error message.   Paypal charges $1 (non-refundable) to link your card plus  P100 to verify that the card is yours (will be refunded later after you  verify your card).  Click on "Confirm my debit or credit card."

5.  You can either check your BPI online account after 2-3 days for the 4-digit Paypal code listed under "View last 5 transactionsor send an email (like I did) with your full name and 16 digit card number to myeprepaid@bpi.com.ph and they'll reply with your 4-digit code.  
Log in to Paypal again to confirm your card by entering your personal Paypal 4- digit code.

6.  After confirming your card, you can now use the card for online shopping in eBay or other online stores that accept Paypal.   The P100 Paypal deducted from your account will be refunded after a few days as Paypal funds (in US$).


  • I've used it to book flights at Cebu Pacific's website (provided you have sufficient balance).
  • Pay for purchases at supermarkets and bookstores.
  • I was able to use the card for Paypal purchases and shopping online at a NZ website and NZPost.


this is soooo helpful! you are amazing! thanks for putting this up... been looking for a debit card i can use to pay with paypal.

sure. no problem. :)

john joseph says:

i have a question, I tried linking my e-prepaid card with paypal but i got this error

"This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card."

i just reloaded my prepaid card with P500 but i still get this error. i have already emailed bpi about this issue. waiting for their reply.

john joseph says:

hi purplegoo. i tried linking my eprepaid with my paypal and now it worked. but since i can't still see my eprepaid account on my bpiexpressonline acoount, how am i going to get the 4-digit code in order have my P100 refunded? what am i going to write on my email. please help. thanks. :)

Hi. I also received this error when I tried to link it before the e-prepaid account showed up with my expressonline account. Try linking it to Paypal after the e-prepaid account has shown up in your EOL account.

Were you able to fill up the card service agreement form at your BPI branch to link your e-prepaid account to your Expressonline account? If not, try enrolling the card online under "Payments & Reloading." Print out the form and submit it to your branch.

Ask for your 4-digit EXPUSE number for Paypal either by phone or by email.

john joseph says:

Thanks! I will check if it will show up on my bpiexpressonline acct this week. But you also mentioned about emailing them that you can request a billing statement for your 5 last transactions right?

john joseph says:

Yes I was able to enroll it last friday. I submitted the form in BPI. And I can now reload online but it's still not showing. Maybe because it got activated on a non-banking day. Hopefully it will show up on my acct.

Ok. You might want to wait a few days for it to show up on your expressonline account. Mine took 2 or 3 days. Once it shows up then you can email them for the 4-digit code. I got a faster response than waiting for it to show up on the "view last 5 transactions" list.

john joseph says:

thanks again. I will wait for two days or I might as well send an email regarding my 5 last transactions. :) I'll share what will happen next.

update: i got the PP number and they were able to link my eprepaid card with my eol account though it took them two weeks to resolve it. :)

Good for you. I wonder why it took so long though. Thanks for the update.


Hello, my paypal says: "This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card."

Help? :( My ePrepaid card is already showing on my account, and still I have this message.

It has a 50k limit, which sucks a lot for any serious buying and selling. sure is sad

oh gosh just hate it..pls help...been waitn my code since last friday till nw..its not apring n my bpi eol i have been sending my nme and i6 dgit card number to myeprepaid@bpi.com.ph but i am not rcving any mssge from them...my card is alrdy seen in my eol...

try calling 89-100 instead. medyo matagal din minsan magreply yung sa email address nila eh.

Hi. Maybe it's not yet activated? I also got the same message before.

Do you see your 4-digit EXPUSE number when you log on to your BPI account?

Send an email to myeprepaid@bpi.com.ph with your 16 digit E-prepaid number and full name to get the 4-digit number. Then try adding the card again. Hope this helps.

hi how can i create acount in express online

If you already have a BPI account, go to https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/application/application_typeA.aspx and register there. Call 89-100 for further assistance.

Hello, i want to ask I only have 100 pesos on my e prepaid card, and have some amount in my paypal account, if I will purchase an item, will my paypal balance be forwarded to the online shopping site? Thanks

Hi. Assuming that your Paypal balance is adequate to cover your purchase price from the site, it will be deducted from there.
If your Paypal balance is not enough, you can also add funds to your E-prepaid card so that part of the payment is deducted from your available Paypal balance + E-prepaid balance. Hope this helps.

Hello! Thank you for this blog, it's quite informative. My paypal already has $39.32 USD but it is not verified yet, I recently opened an debit card account on BPI, I want to verify my paypal account using my e-prepaid mastercard, though I wanna verify things first;

1. would my initial deposit be added on my paypal balance?
2. Is there any way to withdraw my paypal money using ATM?
3. Should I register my debit card on paypal too?
4. Can I transfer my paypal balance to my debit card?

I'm kinda new at all of this, I hope to learn things along the way, I have little knowledge about these, I just want to make sure. Thank you :D

1. No, your initial deposit (I assume from your BPI E-prepaid account) will not be added to your Paypal US$ balance. But, if your E-prepaid mastercard is linked to your Paypal account, if you purchase/use any amount exceeding your Paypal balance will be deducted from the E-prepaid balance (provided it has sufficient funds).

For example, your balance in your BPI E-prepaid card is Php 400 and your Paypal balance is $39.32 and you want to purchase something that costs $45, Paypal will deduct from your US$ balance + BPI E-prepaid balance to cover the purchase price.

2. You can withdraw your Paypal balance by using "withdraw to bank" (eg. requires a regular deposit/savings account). You cannot withdraw your Paypal money using your BPI E-prepaid Mastercard. It doesn't have an ATM function.

For "withdraw to bank" option, take note of Paypal's fees/charges for this kind of transaction and it usually takes 3-4 business days.

3. You can use/register your BPI E-prepaid debit card to verify your Paypal account. Do this before sending or receiving money (especially large sums) on your unverified Paypal account. There have been cases of Paypal freezing the funds because of suspicious activity.

4. No, you cannot transfer your Paypal $ balance to your BPI E-prepaid debit card.

Thank you for your fast reply, One last thing; My paypal is 'unverified' and it needs me to to add my debit card/credit card. I don't have a credit card so I used my BPI debit card. Well it's been almost 12 hours and my account is still not verified. I was wondering if I avail this BPI E-Prepaid Mastercard and register it to my paypal, would verify my account and allow me to send money online?

Please refer to my blogpost above for details on how to link your BPI E-prepaid card to Paypal. It will take 2-3 business days at most for you to get verified by Paypal because you need to wait for the 4-digit EXPUSE number to show up in your BPI account online (using Expressonline) or ask BPI customer service to email it to you.

Paypal imposes sending limits for unverified accounts so it's best to get your Paypal account verified before sending/receiving any funds.

Sorry for the newbie question. But what brstn / BANK CODE should be used? Is it 10040018 or 021000021? Really confuse as some say that the latter is for family something.
Thanks :)

hi there..It's stated on the form before you submit the application that you need to print it and bring it with you in claiming your card. Unfortunately I wasn't able to print it. Is it okay to claim the card without that form, just one valid id? Thank You

Sorry for the late reply. I forgot which bank code I used when I registered my bank account for Paypal withdrawal. I've emailed BPI regarding that inquiry and they haven't responded yet. Some bloggers have been successful with using either one. Hope that helps. Thanks.

Hi. Yes, you can claim the card without the form. Just make sure to remember your nominated branch where you'll pick up the card. Di na nila tiningnan yung form na dinala ko when I picked up mine.

ask ko lng pwede ko po bang mkuha ang paypal code ko pag tinawagan ko ung eprepaid card ko sa bpi 89100??? mkukuha ko pu ba ung 4digitz code ko?

I suppose you could try calling them. Haven't tried it personally though.

Hi.. I dont have account in BPI so i Cant enroll my eprepaid card to their website, can i verify my paypal?

I think you still can. You'll probably need to call BPI Hotline at 89100 to ask about the 4 digit EXPUSE code or email them myeprepaid@bpi.com.ph or go to your branch and fill up an enrollment form.

I email them already and BPI text me to call their hotline , beacause they have some inquiry regarding my request, how to call bpi through mobile phone? batangas area

have you tried 0289100?

Can i also use thisncard for non-online purchase? Like in restos or grocery?

Yes, provided your account has sufficient balance. Ask the cashier to be sure though.

What if i deleted the confirmation page without printing it . Can i still go to the bank without it and claim my card?.

I think so (they didn't ask for my copy when I went to my branch). Just bring a valid ID and the payment for the card fee and a minimum deposit to your selected branch.

Hello, I can't seem to connect the card to my paypal account. I have loaded 200 pesos in there? (you mentioned that 150 is the minimum)

Hi. What error message are you receiving? You can try contacting Paypal Customer Service by logging in to your Paypal account.

Can I load this card with dollars along with php?

No. If you use it online, you will be charged in pesos based on BPI's foreign exchange rate.

many thanks for this info. =)

Hello. I just want to ask if I can link BPI Express Teller ATM Card to my Paypal account? I'm looking for a debit card which I can link to my Paypal account and withdraw my Paypal funds. Thank you.

No you can't use BPI express teller ATM to link with Paypal. Only the Eprepaid Mastercard.

To withdraw Paypal funds, you can use the withdraw to bank option from Paypal to transfer it directly.

Thank you for your response.

So.. I can use eprepaid mastercard to verify my paypal account and then just add my BPI Savings account, such as BPI Express Teller ATM Card, so I can withdraw Paypal funds?
If I already transferred my Paypal funds to my savings account.. can I withdraw it thru ATM?

Because I am planning to get an EON debit card.. but if BPI is more convenient, then I choose BPI instead.

UnionBank's Eon visa debit card can do both. Choose what's more convenient for you.
I don't like my UnionBank branch's customer service kaya I preferred BPI, plus malapit pa sa akin.

hi, so in order to enroll my eprepaid mastercard to EOL, i need a current or savings account first? my eprepaid mastercard is my first card from BPI and upon trying to enroll on EOL, they don't have an option for it, only ATM, credit, etc.

That I'm not sure. Try calling BPI's 89-100 or go back to your nominated branch and fill out a form to enroll it for ExpressOnline. Sorry I can't help much further.

This site is very reliable and informative. Thank you for having this blog about the eprepaid. :D

Hi! Can I use this card even if I don't link it with paypal? I'm planning of buying something on ebay?

You'll need to link it to a Paypal account if you're going to use it for eBay US because most sellers only accept Paypal. For eBay PH, it will depend on the seller's terms if they accept Paypal, but most offer bank to bank transactions.

ok lang po ba na widrawhin ko yung paypal balance ko sa mapupunta sya sa eprepaid card
thnx and have a good day i

No, you can't withdraw it to your Eprepaid card. You can withdraw it through your BPI account.

I'd like to download android apps and sign up a Google wallet account. Do I still have to link it with Paypal?

No need to link with Paypal if you'll be using it with a Google account. Just remember to require PIN access to restrict in-app purchases.

hi panu ilink yung eprepaid card sa account ko? do i still need to go to the bank?

Yes you'll need to sign a card enrollment form at your bank branch to link it to your bpiexpressonline account.

so do i need to get a BPI savings account to get the funds from paypal then i widraw it on atm? or its ok if i will sign up through internet?

To withdraw your Paypal funds to your atm account (any bank), please refer to http://pages.ebay.ph/bankwithdrawal/

Please refer to your bank's specific code by looking it up

If you want to withdraw it to a BPI account, you will still need to go to your nearest branch (even if you sign up for an account online) and submit or fill up the forms there. Then enroll your BPI account to Expressonline and do the transfer from there.

If you need the Paypal funds right away (since bank transfers take 3-5 business days), try the services of a trusted and credible Paypal exchanger that can exchange your Paypal funds to pesos and deposit it straight to your bank account.

ok thank you to your reply..
if ever i go to the nearest BPI bank here on my place so i need to deposit again a 500 pesos? or is there any money that invovled to get a Bpi savings account and i would like to know how many days do i need to wait before i get my BPi Savings account??
then let ask some question... if i already have a Bpi savings card do i need to link again the BPi savings card on my paypal account?
and what is the use of bpi express card

hello ok lang po ba kung gagamitin ko yung pangalan ko then for the bank i use the bank of my sister??
is there any nothing problems happens?
thnx and have a god day

I'm not sure what you mean. You can apply for the Eprepaid card under your name and then if your sister has a BPI account she could probably enroll your Eprepaid account under her account to authorize fund transfers.

For requirements and other details on opening an account, please refer to BPI's website.

Sir, may I know if this can be used in working online. Like when a company pays you for an online job, can I use this card linked to paypal to receive the money? Thanks in advance sir. Your answer is highly appreciated.

You can link it with your Paypal account but you cannot withdraw the money because the Eprepaid card cannot be used as an ATM card (as stated above).

You can withdraw your Paypal funds directly through your bank account. Pls refer to the comments above for the links.

Another option is UnionBank's Eon Visa debit card with ATM function

Ok sir. So what about the Union Bank's debt card? Can I now withdraw the money using Eon debt card linked with paypal? And can I use it shopping online too? Thanks again sir. :)

Yes UnionBank has ATM function

You can use either UnionBank Eon Visa debit card or BPI's Eprepaid Mastercard debit card to shop online.

hello i have an express card and savings account pero ndi ko alam kung pano papasok ung funds sa savings account ko na galings paypal!!
can u help me pls!!

To withdraw your Paypal funds to your atm account (any bank), please refer to http://pages.ebay.ph/bankwithdrawal/

Please refer to your bank's specific code by looking it up

Ok sir. What about if I want to buy apps from Apple app store, can I also use the Eon linked with Paypal to buy some Apple apps? Thanks again sir. :)

Yes you can use UnionBank's Eon Visa card for the Apple app store. Just make sure your Itunes account is registered in PH.


Ok sir. Thanks for the info. I hope Union bank has a website too so that I can apply for that debt card online. I appreciate your help sir. :)

And one more thing sir. Can I apply for Eon even if I'm still a student with no work? The fill-up form in the website requires a work address. What should I do? Thanks in advance sir.

Yes, just put in not applicable.

Ok sir I appreciate it. I just applied online. On my way to picking up the card on the nearest branch. But I'm thinking how to link it with Paypal. Hope they automatically link it once it is activated. :)

hi I had already my e prepaid and na-register ko na din sya sa paypal ko. ok naman kaso my problem is hinde ko makuha yung 4 digit code. nag email ako sa kanila pero malabo ang resonse. anu pa kaya ang pede kong gawin para makuha ang 4 digit code? thanks

For other concerns/inquires, you may send us an email at
myeprepaid@bpi.com.ph together with your complete name as it appears on
your card, 16-digit My ePrepaid Card Number and details of concern.

If you have a BPI expressonline account, you'll be able to see it reflected in your statement after a few days (your Eprepaid card must be enrolled to your BPI EOL account-requires you to go to your branch and sign a form).

Try emailing them again or call 89100 with your info and ask for the EXPUSE number , beside "PP" in your statement. It takes 2-4 days bago magreflect sa account mo. Hope this helps.

Hello .

I need help. What should I do?
I added my e-prepaid card to my paypal acc. for verification and I just received an email from paypal that my transaction yesterday was declined because of my debit card provider did not allow it to go through. What does it mean? Where I should ask for help with this?

Thank you. Your reply is highly appreciated.

Please make sure your Eprepaid account has the following:
= linked to your BPI Expressonline account (if you have one). You'll need to go to your bank branch and fill up an enrollment form there.
= at least Php 150 for Paypal (Php100) and card verification ($1) fees (refunded as Paypal balance in US$ depending on exchange rate)

If the problem is with BPI, call them at 89100

Hi i have a couple questions:
1. If i buy something online, will i be given a kind of bill or receipt of some sort in my mail listing down my puchases and where i bought them from, or is it an electronic record of some sort?
2. Do i load pesos into the prepaid card then if i buy something in dollars, it would deduct based on exchange rates? Thanks!

#1. Yes, you'll receive an order confirmation and receipt via email by the store/merchant.
Afaik, you can only see your transaction record if you link it with a bpi expressonline account. You can check your card balance online thru bpi's site.
#2. Yes, it will be charged based on bpi's rates that varies per day.

Hello. Can I ask if BPI still accepts withdrawal from PayPal? I went to 2 branches of BPI near my workplace and they both said that they are not linked to PayPal. How's that.?

Are you referring to withdraw to bank? If you have a BPI savings account, yes, you can withdraw your Paypal balance to your BPI account.

hi. Just want to verify if i can use this card to book a flight on cebu pacific and if it still has the 10k daily limit. Thanks.

Yes you can use it for Cebu Pacific. Haven't tried exceeding 10k per transaction though, so it's best to confirm with BPI regarding the limit.

Question: I transfered some money from my BPi savings to my Bpi eprepaid card to up my paypal balance, but when I logged on my paypal account the balance is still the same, what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong.
Unless you receive money from another Paypal user, your Paypal balance will stay the same. Adding funds to your BPI Eprepaid will not reflect in your Paypal account.

If you decide to purchase or pay for a product or service, your Paypal account will get its funds/automatically deduct from your BPI Eprepaid balance, so make sure your Eprepaid has enough funds. Your BPI Eprepaid balance will not reflect as your Paypal balance.


Has anyone used this card on Amazon.com succesfully?

Afaik, you'll need a BPI account for the transfer. You can't transfer Paypal funds to the Eprepaid mastercard. If it's already linked maybe you can swipe the card/purchased via Paypal and it will deduct from your Paypal balance, or use a trusted & reputable online exchanger.

Yes it's accepted on Amazon.

Hi, just a follow up question, when using this on amazon, what will we put as our billing address. I just want to make sure before trying to buy anything. thank you so much!

Your address where your debit card is registered of course.They won't accept it if it doesn't match.

Hello question lang. If nagamit na yung card for online purchase kaso kinancel yung order, pano marerefund yung money kasi nakaltas na sya sa card mo. I checked with the store pero sabi nila is di na raw macharge yung credit card kasi nacancel na yung order pero bawas pa rin yung card. Credit card yung tingin nila kasi usable sya as mastercard. Mababalik ba ng bpi yung amount na kinancel or should I inform them na debit card type yung ginamit?

Pano ang process ng refunds in this case?

Who canceled the order? You or the store? What did the store say was the reason for the order cancellation? If you still want to continue the purchase, try telling the store that the card is a prepaid debit card. Or try forwarding the order cancellation notice to BPI and email them the particulars -- item, quantity, price, and include the links to the website. Might be quicker to call 89-1100 though.
Hope this helps.

Hello. May maintaining balance po ba? Thanks.

Sorry newbie question! Sa annual fee charge po ba automatic na made-deduct yun sa balance sa card ko or need pa mag bayad sa bank mismo? Thanks!

BPI Eprepaid has no annual fees.

Maybe you're referring to card renewal?
Haven't experienced renewing my card though because I applied for a new card after the old one expired. BPI has a tie-up with Groupon right now to offer it at a discounted rate (350 instead of 500) or you can also try Lazada (discount voucher). I printed the voucher and presented it at my bank with a valid ID and funds for the card.

BPI's site states that you can call 89-100 for renewal or visit your branch directly.

Hope this helped.

Thanks! But I can use this card to pay like in e-bay, amazon, etc. right? Also the link up for the registration online is broken. :( Is it okay if I just go in there already without printing the online form? Thank you again!

Link is valid and working. Try opening it in your desktop if you're having trouble using mobile.
Haven't tried applying directly at the bank but I guess you could try.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Which one po ang mas mganda,convenient gamitin? Bpi Eprepaid or Eon? Ano po pinagkaiba nila? Ang eon u can use it as atm at u can use it to withdraw from ur paypal account rite? Yung bpi eprepaid pwede ba iwithdraw yung funds from paypal? Di ko kc alam kng ano yung best, Bpi eprepaid, eon or rcbc wallet card. Any suggestions po. Tia :)

Please read BPI's FAQ on Eprepaid

BPI Eprepaid cannot be used as an ATM card. If you want to withdraw your Paypal funds, withdraw it to your bank account (pls refer to instructions at Paypal site).
It will depend which bank is more convenient for you and where you have an online account so you can easily transfer and monitor your funds.

Hi. I just want to ask. Nalink ko na yung ecard ko sa express online account ko. How come may 30 pesos service charge na dinededuct sa savings account ko? Hindi kasi nakastate sa website. Thanks,

Hello. Pwede ko ba gamitin yung Express Teller card ko sa Google Play? Kasi nag try ako kanina na i-enter yung card info ko kaso invalid card number daw. Di sya narerecognize kung visa, mastercard or amex ba sya. Pano po ba yun? Thanks po.

No, you cannot use BPI Express Teller with Google Play. Either apply for a Unionbank Eon or BPI Eprepaid Mastercard or other prepaid debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo.

bakit pag nililink ko ung eprepaid sa playstore ayaw.. invalid card number daw kahit tama naman.. need help pano po ba gagawin ko

Does your Eprepaid account have funds? Billing address for the card and the Playstore should be the same. Try contacting Google or try doing it on a desktop and not through mobile. Hope this helps.

I just want to know if myeprepaid needs to be activated i just renewed it last week and got it yesterday but when i want to use it on online shops it says my card is invalid i try to load it up for 100 pesos but when i do balance check via 2274 it says my card is blocked/expired......what should i do?:(

This is really late, and I just started using ePrepaid. I linked it to my PayPal, it's verified, But it doesn't show any balance. I reloaded 3,000php on my ePrepaid card, and PayPal took 100php from it for the verification, but after verifying it doesn't show any amount.

I suppose it takes a few days to be activated before you can use it. Call BPI directly to be sure. If you're trying to use it with Paypal, you'll need to have it verified again by logging in to their site.

The amount you loaded will not reflect on Paypal, only in your BPI account. But any charges/purchases made via Paypal will automatically be deducted from the amount you loaded and will be reflected after a few days when you check your Eprepaid account using BPI's expressonline.

I`m having the same problem, they accept debit and credit but i don't have a debit and credit bank account that's why I'm having trouble buying on amazon yung bpi ecard

Hello. can i buy on amazon directly with this card alone? thanks

How can I view my last 5 transactions? I am enrolled to BPI EOL but the card is not showing under my portfolio. It is already enrolled, and I was able to reload it from the site. I just don't know where to access the transactions history. Please help! Need to get my 4 digit code :(

Hello. Is the e-prepaid card immediately usable(assuming its activated) after recieving it from the bank? Like linking it to paypal straight away or directly using on online stores.

It takes at least 24hrs for it to be activated after getting it from the bank and at least 72hrs before the 4digit code will reflect in your account. Call BPI to get the code.

Call BPI to get the 4digit code. Sometimes the eprepaid info goes offline in EOL.

Do i need a BPI bank account to use the card?

No but it's more convenient if you have it linked via EOL.


Paano ko malalaman ang billing address ko sa eprepaid.


paano po malalaman ang billing address ng eprepaid?


Your home address as listed when you applied of course.

hi I'm also new in thing ,hope you can help me,my employer would like to pay through paypal and I already signed up for that and I link my BPI bank account easy savings account yung paymnt nila sa akin automatic bayun poponta sa bank account ko? hindi pa verified paypal ko kailangan VISA or Credt card..anong dapat kung gawin..I've read a lot kaya nalitu na ako ..pls help me...this is my skype cherliedomecillo022591 thanks

If they pay you via Paypal, it will go directly to your Paypal account. For you to be able to withdraw that money, you will need to access your Paypal account and select withdraw to bank (usually takes 5-7 business days for the amount to go to your BPI account). To get verified for Paypal, apply for the BPI Eprepaid Mastercard and use it to verify your account (must load at least Php200 for the Paypal verification fee which will later be refunded to your Paypal account).

Ask ko po, can I used BDO debit card to link in Paypal to receive payments?

I don't own a BDO card but based on other bligs, you can link it to Paypal if it's already linked to your BDO online account and it has a Visa/Mastercard logo. Inquire direct from BDO to be sure. Hope this helps.

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